Annyeong Annyeong ini ini lanjutan part 5A . Happy Reading Ya….

Title              : Nothing On You

Author          : Adaya Muminah Aljabar ( )

Main Cast     : Choi Sooyoung dan Choi Siwon ( Soowon Couple )

Other Cast    :

  • Cho Kyuhyun –> Cho Kyuhyun
  • Shim Chang Min –> Cho Changmin –> Max Changmin 
  • Hwang Tifanny –> Tifanny 
  • Victoria Song –> Victoria

Type            : Chapter

Genre          : Romance, Sad Ending , Family

Rating          : PG-18 ( All reader who Open mind )

Disclaimer : This story pure my imagined and my fantasy. All the Cast just belong to God but the story is my own. Hope you like it guys. Not for to copy and Please don’t be plagiator!

Life is a book with many chapters. Some tell of tragedy, other tell of triumph, some are difficult, dull or ordinary, other intense and exciting. The key…

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