[Book Review] Kiss This (Kiss This #1) by Hadley Quinn

Kiss ThisKiss This by Hadley Quinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“You see, you closed your eyes. That was the difference. Sometimes you cannot believe what you see, you have to believe what you feel. And if you are ever going to have other people trust you, you must feel that you can trust them, too–even when you’re in the dark. Even when you’re falling.”
― Mitch Albom, Tuesdays With Morrie



Playlist : Christina Perri-A Thousand Years, Adele-Hiding My Heart, Cold Play-Fix You, Aerosmith – I don’t want to miss a thing, and Secondhand Serenade – Fall For you

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” –A.A. Milne



“Mom says you’ve got a hot guy you’ve been spending time with,” she said excitedly. “Give me details, Cam. How hot?”
“Inferno,” Camryn answered.
“Holy crap!” Melanie squealed. “Body?”
“Grade A.”
“Eeeee!” she squealed again. “Eyes?”
“Tropical paradise.”
“Wow,” Melanie groaned. “Smile?”
“Mouth watering.”
Camryn had to pause as she closed her eyes. “Euphoric,” she sighed.


“You know what the most beautiful thing about you is?” Teague asked softly.
“Your eyes,” he answered. He leaned forward, and when she closed them, he kissed each eyelid. He pressed his cheek to hers and whispered, “Because I can see your beautiful soul every time I look into them. I can’t even fucking comprehend how they pull me in.”


“Just know that I’d really love to know your name. In fact, I’d love to know more than just your name, but tonight I’ll cross my fingers, wish upon a star, and pray that someday you’ll just give me a name. Tomorrow I’ll rub Buddha’s belly, light a candle, do a juju dance around the fire… Sound like a good start?”


Together, They Laugh

“I’m being serious,” she added. “I was picturing you naked.”
He pretended to cough his disbelief. “No way. Like I was just…standing there naked in the ocean?”
She had to laugh. “Yeah, pretty much.”
He laughed out loud as he clutched his stomach. “Oh my God, you totally rock my world.”
“Because I’ve pictured you naked?”
“Uh, pictured me naked, admitted it, and are totally embarrassed by it. I love it.”
“I’m not embarrassed. Can’t exactly control my thoughts sometimes.”
“Well holy fuck, and us guys get a bad rep because of the same thing?”
“Well I’d say it’s because guys are a little more vulgar when it comes to stuff like that. All I did was wonder if you have a six-pack and that’s it. You, on the other hand, have probably pictured me naked, pictured what you would do with me naked, and pictured what I could do for you naked. After all of that, you most likely felt a little bit turned on by it and—”
“Oh my God!” he yelled with a laugh, waving for her to stop. He doubled over with his hands propped on his knees, laughing his ass off. “Please tell me you’re for real. I’m not sure I can handle this if you’re not.”



The Bet

“You’d better think twice about this, beautiful. My terms might not be to your liking.”
“That’s what makes betting so risky. You win the bet I will pay up, whether I like it or not. So what is it you want?”
“You. In my bed.”


Her Past

“I can’t wait to kiss you again, Camryn. It’s all I think about sometimes. When I see you again, I’m gonna kiss you all night long. If I had to pick one last thing I could do before I die, it would be kissing you,” he smiled again.
“I love you so much, Cam. I can’t wait to marry you. You keep those guys away from those lips because they’re mine, got it? Your next kiss is gonna be from me and you’ll never forget it,”- Zach


His Past
His Secret

The reason he retired in surfing, and stay away from beach for ten month…..
The reason he left California and moved north ….


Don’t miss Jay’s story, coming 2014!

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[Book Review] Bully (Fall Away, #1) by Penelope Douglas

Bully (Fall Away, #1)Bully by Penelope Douglas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is how bullies are made


We used to be friends.


But that Jared was gone now. In his place was a sour, hateful douchebag that had no regard for me.

Isn’t it time you fought back?

“I’ll have you in tears in no time.”

Taking a long breath, my eyes narrowed at him. “You’ve already made me cry countless times.” I raised my middle finger to him slowly, and asked, “Do you know what this is?” I took my middle finger and patted the corner of my eye with it. “It’s me, wiping away the last tear you’ll ever get.”


Being a bitch could be a survival technique. They get respect. There was no honor in people thinking you were a slut.


Then one day, out of the blue, I lost you, too. The hurt returned, and I felt sick when I saw you hating me. My rainstorm was gone, and you became cruel. There was no explanation. You were just gone. And my heart was ripped open. I missed you. I missed my mom.


This was it. Jared could push me, hurt me, take what he wanted, but showing him that he had hurt, but not broken me, was how I won. Euphoria settled in my stomach as waves of contentment washed over me.




“You have every right not to trust me, Tate. I know that. My fucking heart is ripping open tight now. I can’t stand the way you’re looking at me. I could never hurt you again. Please…let’s try to fix this together.”

Yesterday lasts forever.

Tomorrow comes never.

Until you.


I was his. And he was mine.


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[Book Review] Naked (The Blackstone Affair #1) by Raine Miller

Naked (The Blackstone Affair, #1)Naked by Raine Miller
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“A girl needs more than just an orgasm you know.”
– Brynne

Ayo! Let me introduce you to Mr. Ethan Blackstone



Si sexeh pemilik Blackstone Security International, Ltd :). Cakep, Sexeh, Lempeng, dan Kaya!! Yuhuu…

Cerita bermula saat teman Ethan, Tom Bennett, meminta bantuan Ethan untuk menjaga putrinya yang sedang stay di London untuk melanjutkan scholarship di University of London. Si englishman ini mulanya ogah ogahan saat membaca e-mail dari Tom, sampai dia membuka foto yang dilampirkan dalam e-mail Tom. Foto seorang gadis Amerika, gadis Amerikanya, Brynne Bennett.

Brynne Bannett adalah American girl yang sedang menjalani pendidikan dalam bidang Art Conservancy di London. Dia mengambil kerja sambilan sebagai nude model temannya, Benny Clarkson.

Pertemuan pertama Ethan dan Brynne terjadi di Galeri. Si Ethan ini membeli foto telanjangnya si Brynne. Mulanya Brynne fikir dia hanya orang kaya yang suka megoleksi foto begituan, sampai saat pertemuan mereka di jalan membuat Brynee waspada. Gimana tidak. Belom juga kenal, si Ethan udah nawari macam macam :p -Suka bangt sama sifat Ethan yang to the point – . Singkat kata malam itu Ethan nawari tumpangan untuk mengantar Brynee ke apartemennya.

Lucu banget saat Brynee pagi pagi terbangun karena ada telepon dari Etahan.

“How did you get this number?”
“You gave it to me last night.”

Padahal si Ethan ini ngambil kesempatan saat si Brynee ini tertidur. Dan menelepon ponselnya sendiri pake ponsel Brynee.

Pendekatan Ethan yang gencar membuat si Brynee ini curiga sama motive Ethan. Tapi lama lama luluh juga KLASIK !! Dimulai dengan tawaran makan malam sampai make out di suitnya Ethan. Sexy bangeet. Si Ethan ini benar benar udah kepicut sama si Brynne sampai gak bisa menjauhkan tanganya walau di tempat umum.

“Open your eyes,” he told me. I lifted them to see Ethan’s face a mere inch away, his blue eyes burning hot with lust.
“I’m not your girl, Ethan.”
“You were during that kiss, Brynne.”

Dan saat si Brynne memasuki apartemen Ethan untuk pertama kalinya, dia memuji apartemen Ethan yang indah. Si Ethan malah bilang gini :

“But nothing is as beautiful as you standing here, right now, in my house, in front of me.” He shook his head, looking almost desperate. “Nothing compares.” BLEEH !! kekekkeke

Make out pertamanya HOT sekali :p , bikin mendamba.


“I won’t stay the night here, Ethan. Promise you’ll take me home after.”
He scooped me up and started carrying me out of the room. “I want you to stay with me. Once won’t be enough—not with you.”

“I want—I want to come inside you. I want to be here with nothing in between.”

“Don’t destroy my view, please and the operative word is use, my sweet. I don’t care for being used and women use men just as often as the other way ‘round.” He curled up beside me against the headboard and traced over a breast with one finger. “But I don’t mind if you use me. You get a special pass.”


Si Ethan ini ‘intens’ sekali :p. Gak mulut, lidah, jari, ‘itu’ semua ikutan ‘bercinta’ lol. Aduhh pokoknya kipas kipas. Dia juga suka banget mengungkapkan pikiran dia, jujur kalo dia itu menginginkan si Brynne, sampai kadang saya merasa dia cheesy abis (rolling eye).

Konflik pertama mereka terjadi setelah make-out. Si Brynne gak mau stay di tempat tidur Ethan, dia mau pulang. Mulanya karena bujukan Ethan si Brynne ini sampai tertidur, hingga mimpi buruk yang selalu menggagu tidurnya selama ini membangunkan dia. Terjadilah cek cok kecil. Jadi si Brynne ini punya gangguan tidur, ada trauma masa lalu :(. Mereka pisah dengan gak baik. Tapi bukan Ethan namanya kalo bisa jauh dari American gurlnya :).

Besoknya si Brynee nerima buket bunga ungu, dan ada lampiran surat dari Ethan

Brynne, Last night was a gift.
Please forgive me for not
hearing what you were trying
to tell me. I am so sorry.

“Don’t say that, Brynne. I know I didn’t listen to you last night. You told me what you needed and I ignored you. I pushed too hard, too fast. I broke your trust and that’s what I regret the most. I’m deeply sorry—you have no idea how much. And if it ruins my chances of being with you then I deserve it.”

Yaaa, good job Mr. E. Suka sama hero yang mau minta maaf dulu :p.

Yah, mau gimana namanya juga eroro. Mereka baikan lagi. Jadi kekasih dan setiap hari beradegan ‘HOT’ dimanapun ada kesempatan!!

(view spoiler)[“Brynne, I’m looking because I can’t keep my eyes off you. I want to be in you. I want to fuck you so badly I can hardly drive the damn car right now. I want to come inside you and then do it again. I want your sweet cunt wrapped around my cock while you scream my name because I made you come. I want to keep you with me all fucking night long so I can take you over and over again and you don’t remember anything else but me.”

“Say what?” I cried, frustrated.
“Say the words I have to hear. Say the truth and I’ll let you come.” He speared into me slower and nipped at my bare shoulder with his teeth.
“What is the truth?” I was starting to sob now, completely at his mercy.
“The truth is,” he grunted the rest on three, hard, punctuating thrusts, “You. Are. Mine!”

“I want to be with you so badly right now. I want to take you home with me, and put you in my bed and have hours and hours with your body wrapped up in mine to do with as I wish. I want to have you there in the morning so when we wake up I can make you come, saying my name. I want to drive you to work and pick you up when it’s time to leave. I want to go to the shops with you and buy food we can cook for dinner. I want to watch some crap TV show and have you fall asleep against me on the couch so I can watch you and hear you breathing.”
(hide spoiler)]

Semua baik baik saja, terlepas dari kecurigaan si Brynne yang selalu diwasi oleh anak buah Ethan. Dia ngiranya Ethan over protective aja, gak ngerti dia kalo ayahnya nyewa Ethan.

Buku satu ini diakhiri dengan terbongkarnya indetitas Ethan, yang ternyata udah disewa Tom buat menjaga Brynne. Ketahuanya gak enak banget. Saat lagi stemmy make out bokap si Brynne telepon Ethan yang terkem di mesin penjawab!

“You’re an asshole, Blackstone. I hired you to protect my daughter, not to fuck her! She’s been through hell and the last thing she needs is another heartbreaking betrayal. The way she talks I think she’s in love with you—”

Ngamuklah si Brynne… Si Ethan mohon mohon agar Brynne jangan pergi, sampai dia say I love you, dan mejelaskan, dia menerima tawaran itu karena putri Tom adalah dia. Tapi si Brynne tetep merasa tersakiti … Yah ngegantung banget sih ceritanya, tapi untuk udah ada buku dua.

Sayangnya cerita Blackstone Affair series ini gak begitu original sih… Ya apa yah, pasaran aja. Walau bagus, kadang aku mikir si Ethan ini kebanyakan omong :(. Ya tahu dia menyuarakan pikiranya soal cinta dia (atau birahi??) ke Brynne tapi kalo kebanyakan kesannya kan bukan cinta tapi cuman hasrat sex belaka =.= (Geez, pikiran gadis polos :p ). Gak tahu, terlalu tiba-tiba aja gitu. Kalo kata tahap percintaan langsung ke main nya aja gak pake Foreplay :p. Jadi kadang aku ngerasa ada yang aneh aja sih.. Yah gak tahu sih, lanjut baca buku dua, semoga feelingnya kebangun :).

3 Bintang buat Raine :*

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[Book Review] Undeniable (Undeniable, #1) by Madeline Sheehan

Undeniable (Undeniable, #1)Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Membaca ini harus siap siap mabuk dengan kata FUCK yang bertebaran dimana mana :).


There are three different types of men in this world. There are weak men; men who run and hide when life slaps them in the ass. Then there are men; men who have a backbone yet occasionally, when life slaps them in the ass, will rely on others. And then there are real men; men who don’t cry or complain, who don’t just have a backbone, they are the backbone. Men who make their own decisions and live with the consequences, who accept responsibility for their actions or words. Men who, when life slaps them in the ass, slap back and move on. Men who live hard and die even harder. Men like my father and my uncles. Men I loved with all my heart. Men like Deuce. – Eva

OMG I can’t believe that I will love this one… Cheating, Whore, etc… Omg but I love Deuce , the Bitchy Devil :*

1. 5 Years old Eva

I was five years old when I met Deuce, he was twenty-three, and it was visiting day at Riker’s

Eva Fox, seorang anak dari Prez Silver Demon’s motorcycle club, jatuh cinta pada Deuce yang ditemuinya di penjara saat dia menjenguk ayahnya :).

Deuce sendiri sudah merasa Eva gadis yang unik dan cerdas. Baru 5 tahun udah unik aja selera musicnya :p. Bapaknya sapa dulu heheh…

“I am Preacher’s little girl. And I’m gonna be just like him when I grow up. I’m gonna have a Fatboy but I want mine to be sparkly and I want a pink helmet with skulls on it. And instead of being the club President, I’m gonna be the club Queen cuz I’m gonna marry the biggest, scariest biker in the whole world and he’s gonna let me do whatever I want because he’s gonna love me like crazy.” –> Well, ini terlalu berlebihan kalo keluar dari mulut anak umur 5 tahun :p

2. 12 years old Eva

Tujuh tahun berlalu sebelum Eva dan Deuce bertemu kembali. Saat ini Eva memiliki kakak angkat Frankie, yang merupakan anak emas dari Demon. Si Frankie ini agak sicopat. Dia selalu bertengkar kemana mana, dan nanti semakin besar dia akan jadi overprotective sama Eva. Selalu nyelinap ke kamar Eva, gak bisa jauh dan tidur tanpa Eva, tak bisa bernapas tanpa dia, dan selalu menghajar lelaki yang mencoba berbicara sama Eva.

Well. Kembali ke Deuce dan Eva. Pertemuan mereka selalu diawali dengan Deuce yang tanya umur Eva :p. Deuce demen banget kalung mendali Horseman dia menggantung di leher Eva. Dan Eva seneng banget dipanggi ‘Darling’ sama si Om :p

3. 16 Years old Eva

Pertemuan mereka kembali terjadi. Deuce dan Eva yang sudah berubah menjadi wanita cantik. Rambut gelapnya menjuntai dan membingkai wajah dan juicy lipsnya :).Yang pasti saat mereka saling sapa, lagi lagi Deuce nanya umur Eva. LOL .

“Promise me you’ll stay that way, yeah? You and me kid, we were fuckin’ born in the life, reared by the road and the wheel; it’s what we know and where we belong but that don’t mean it won’t take its toll. So you promise me, no matter what you see, no matter what sort of fucked up shit happens to you. Don’t let this life turn you bitter.” – Deuce

Melihat Eva akrab sama Deuce, Frankie marah besar. Dia gak suka lihat Eva flirting ma Deuce. Dia marah karena Eva ngbrol ma cowok lain. Super duper protective …

“Sorry,” He muttered. “I just thought…I don’t know…you gotta stay close to me. I can’t fuckin’ protect you if I don’t know where you are. If somethin’ happened to you baby, I would kill myself. Can’t be in this world without you. Fuck, I can’t even think ’bout you bein’ gone, makes me fuckin’ crazy.” – F

Saat percakapan Frankie dan Eva gak sengaja Deuce dengar, dan saat itu Eva bilang kalo Deuce beautiful hehehe.. Melambung tuh hati si Om. Dia mulai deh coba lebih intim ke Eva. Cium dia dan make out Eva dengan tanganya. Eva keranjingan karena cowok yang sudah jadi cintanya sejak bertahun tahun lalu memperhatikanya.

Sayangnya perbuatan mereka ketahuan sama Ayah Eva. Dan si Deuce ditembak dua kali, diperintahkan buat jauh jauh dari Eva.

Tapi walau sepintar pintarnya manusia menghindar, kalo takdir sudah kata ketemu yaaa gimana 🙂

4. 18 Years old Eva

It was summer in Manhattan. Eva dan Kami memalsuka I.D mereka agar bisa masuk dalam club malam. Pertemuan Deuce dan Eva kembali terjadi di club ini. Mulanya lucu banget, karena si Deuce ini sedang digoda Kami. Tapi terus Eva datang. Diajaklah Deuce dansa, eh dia nolak karena dia bilang istrinya selalu mengatai dia kaku :). Tapi Eva meyakinkan Deuce. Karena over senang dengan pertemuan mereka kembali, over senang karena bisa lepas dari pengawasan Frankie, mereka berdansa kayak tak ada hari esok.


Dan dari dansa mereka lanjut ke make out. Eva memberi Virginitasnya ke Deuce :). Seneng banget si OM ini. Dia udah pingin make out sama Eva sejak dia usia 12 atau 16 lupa, makanya si Om selalu nanya soal umur saat ketemu. Karena mungkin karena perbedaan usia diantara mereka. Dia gak jatuh cinta sama semua gadis mudah, hanya Eva, hanya Eva yang bikin dia mendamba sampai gila :p


“You’re better than you think,” I whispered. “I didn’t realize it when I was little, didn’t understand that look in your eyes, why you always looked so sad, but I get it now. Someone got inside of you and messed you all up, made up down and left right so now you think you’re shit when you’re not even close. So you need to listen to me when I tell you that you are better than you think. You’re even better than that. To me, you’re the best.”

Sayang setelah itu mereka harus berpisah lagi 😦

Sampai 4 tahun berlalu …

5. 22 Years Old Eva

Sangking kangennya sama Cole West a.k.a Deuce si Eva ini bohong sama ayahnya dan menemui Deuce di Hell’s Horseman club. Dia ingin stay di sana sampai liburan musim panas berakhir. Bersama cintanya Deuce. Tapi apa yang dia temui membuat dia agak patah arang. Deuce sedang terlibat perdebatan dengan istrinya yang mempertanyakan keberadaan si Eva di clubnya, terlebih Eva memakai mendali yang selama ini gak pernah Deuce berikan pada siapapun.

Agak sedih dan kasihan sama istri Deuce di sini. Dia mohon mohon agar deuce gak memulai lagi dengan dia, tapi keburu diusir ma Deuce. Dan si Miranda si Whore privatnya Deuce juga agak agak menggangu.

“She doesn’t belong to one of my boys, she’s fuckin’ mine.” – Deuce Kasihan istri dia, waau bitch juga dia berhak dapat rasa setia kann ??

BTW kita ketemu Ripper di bab ini, ada juga Cox dan Kami yang lucu abis :). Suka sama Cox dan Kami :p.

Yah apalah namanya juga lagi madly in love, si Deuce dan Eva ini make out kayak gak ada hari esok. Suka banget saat Deuce selalu tanya “Hard atau Slow” heheheh.

“That fuckin’ kiss, Eva, has gotten me through some pretty bad nights. That fuckin’ kiss reminds me that life ain’t all bad.

Pertengkaran kembali terjadi saat Deuce melarang Eva tinggal di club. Eva ngamuk dan mereka bertengkar. Parahnya belum juga Eva pergi dari club, si Deuce udah nyambar Miranda untuk di fuck :(. Eva tahu dan merasa patah hati. Si Miranda ini baik sih sebenarnya. Dia nasehatin kalau Deuce itu bukan milik seorang wanita aja. Orang dia punya mistress tetap, istri, dan wanita wanita lain…

Another biker, who lies, cheats, and steals and who can’t resist slutty club ass.

Malamnya, after make out sma Deuce, Eva kembali ke rumah, ninggalin Deuce dengan sepucuk surat …


I’m sorry.

I shouldn’t have come and imposed on your life.

❤ Eva.

P.S. Take care of yourself.

6. 25 Years old Eva

After dikecewain Deuce dan perpisahan mereka. Si Eva akhirnya dah jadi kekasih Frankei. Si Frankie ini bener bener terobsesi sama Eva. Aku agak merinding sih bacanya, tapi entah kenapa yah suka juga heheheh…

This I knew because wherever I was, at home, at the clubhouse, in the supermarket, in the shower, Frankie was there too. Or somewhere nearby. Or on his way there. Or skyping me. Or tracking me through my cell phone with his cellphone.

Takdir mempertemukan Deuce dan Eva lagi. Saat itu lagi ada rapat, dan si Eva gak tahu Deuce ada diruangan itu. Eh ayah, paman, dan anak anak MC lainya malah ngomongin soal Eva dan Frankie yang make out tiap malam dan gak bisa lepas satu sama lain. Deuce rasanya kayak ditonjok. Apalagi saat si Eva bilang ‘I love you’ ke Frankie dengan nada yang special. Oh ya sebelumnya saat musim panas itu Eva dah say ILY ke Deuce :).

Dan mereka lagi lagi harus pisah lagi sampai suatu ketika, saat Eva berumur 30 tahun dan sudah menjadi istri Frankie.

Konflik utamanya terjadi di sini. Saat Frankie yang super proctetive itu mengadakan perjanjian pernikahan kalo dia mati Eva mati juga. Si Deuce nyulik si Eva, dan mereka make out sangking putus asanya Eva. Di frustasi, dia bingung sama keadaan suaminya, dilain sisi dia kangen abis sama Deuce . Blehh ..

Nah adalagi ni Chease, suami Kami, sohib Eva, yang jatuh cinta abis sama Eva. Agak jijik saat Chase ini minta ‘wild pussy’ alias Eva untuk jadi misstres dia. Dia menjadikan kekuasaan dia untuk membebaskan Frankie yang dipenjara untuk mendapatkan Eva.

Eva hamil, dan dia bingung sapa ayah anaknya. Dia ngasih ahu si Chease dan dia seneng banget, karena anak Kami itu bukan anak dia tapi anak Cox. Si Deuce gak relalah si Eva ini sama si Chease. Dibawalah kabur si Eva ke rumahnya :). Ketemu Danny dan Cage, anak anak Deuce. Dari sini aku benci sama Deuce. Di aegois, masak ninggal Eva yang lagi hamil berhari hari dan malah ngefuck sama semua whorenya. Jujur aku walau gak suka ma Eva, tapi dia cuman make out sama 3 pria dalam hidupnya. Chease karena alasan Frankie, suaminya Frankie, dan cintanya Deuce. Well dia salah, tapi gak pantas diperlakukan kayak gitu.

Sakit hati banget saat Deuce menghina hina Eva. Dia bilang Eva semacem Slutt karena tidur sama Chease, Frankie. Dia intinya kick out Eva dari idupnya. Si Eva datang ke club dengan keadaan lelah. Dia udah menoleransi Deuce selama ini, saat tiba diruangan Deuce dia mendapati Miranda dan Deuce make out. Dia gak kaget sama sekali, dia udah tahu kenyataanya. Dan dia dengan cool mengucapin perpisahan…

Aku sebel banget pingin bunuh Deuce sumpah !! Suka sekali sama Cage dan Danny :*

Yah puncaknya adalah kembalinya si sikopat Frankie, yang memutilasi si Chease dan mendatangi istrinya, Eva yang saat itu udah bahagia dengan Deuce …

Gmana nasib cinta rumit ini ?

Baca sendiri. Recommended !!

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[Book Review] Tangled (Tangled, #1) by Emma Chase

Tangled (Tangled, #1)Tangled by Emma Chase
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


If it’s not difficult, it’s not worth it. – Kate

Good God aku paham sekarang kenapa judulnya Tangled :p

1. MBF = Me Before Flu (Drew POV) = Kate and Billy is Engaged

Drew Evans, si banker yang super duper playboy dan bangga dengan ‘prestasinya’ yang tak pernah rides the same rollercoaster twice. Once is enough! Tapi semua berubah saat dia bertemu dengan gadis misteriusnya di RAM malam itu :). Katherine Brooks, yang ternyata udah bertunangan …

“I’m Drew, by the way.” I hold out my hand. “And you are?”
She holds up her hand. “Engaged.”

Tapi takdir berkata lain …
Saat di club, Drew udah curiga saat si gadis misterius mengetahui nama belakangnya, dan manggil dia Mr. Evan, loh ya iya orang Kate ini adalah rekan kerja dia yang baru :3 .

(view spoiler)[ Wait one goddamn minute.
I’ve seen that ass before.
No fucking way.
She turns around.
The smile on her face broadens as her eyes connect with mine. Endless, shining eyes that I didn’t remember dreaming about till just now. She raises a brow of recognition and holds out her hand. “Mr. Evans.”

The first is: God hates me. The second is: I have been a naughty, naughty boy for most of my life, and this is my payback. And you know what they say about payback, right?
Yep. She’s one hairy bitch.

(hide spoiler)]

Lucu banget ini awal awal mereka sekantor, pertengkaran Kate dan Drew, hubungan Hate and Love mereka :p. Persaingan memperebutkan tender, buku, sampai siapa yang datang lebih pagi. Lol, parah banget dua anak ini sampai sabotase satu sama lain.

“God, you’re so fucking stubborn. You’re like a menopausal pissed-off mule!”
“I’m stubborn! I’m stubborn? Well, maybe I wouldn’t have to be if you weren’t King of the Control Freaks!”




“That’s good, Kate. Fine. Love Billy. Marry Billy. Just please…God…please just fuck me.”


2. Still MBF = Me Before Flu (Drew POV) = Kate and Billy Break up = Drew and Kate become ‘friend’ in benefit ( without say I love You )

Drew bisa sweet juga :). Dia mau menghibur Kate yang sedang patah hati …


Men are visual. We wouldn’t be fucking you if we didn’t want to look at you.

Did I mention Kate has a tattoo? Oh yeah. A slut tag. A tramp stamp. Call it whatever you like. It’s inked just above the swell of her ass, on her lower back. It’s a small turquoise butterfly.


“God, it gets better every time.”
She laughs. “You too? I thought I was the only one who felt it.”
“No…I feel it too.”


Finally, Kate merasakan oral sex itu gimana ? Grin .. Masih ngakak kalo inget permainan First and Ten yang dimainkan mereka, dan si Drew nanya, ‘PERTAMA KALI BLOW JOB?!” <– LOL



Selama seminggu mereka lengket kayak perangko. Di dapur, lantai, ruang tamu, kamar mandi, dimanapun make out :p. Dan suka banget sama cara Drew memperlakukan si Kate :p.

Selama ini Drew gak pernah ngajak grupie dia ke rumah, gak pernah suka kalo tidur dipeluk peluk sama wanita. Tapi ini Kate, Kate yang sudah menarik hatinya sejak lama :). Gak cukup itu, Kate juga diijinkan masuk ke ruangan ‘ free-pussy’ milik Drew :p

Perdebatan soal film Notebook lucu banget, suka suka !!

Dan pada satu ketika pelindung Drew abis :p

I’ve never gone bareback. Ever. Not even during my younger years. I’ve always loved my dick much too much to have it shrivel up and fall off.

“I want to feel you, Drew. I want you to feel me. I don’t want…anything between us.” – Kate

(view spoiler)[

Have you ever tried to take a picture of something really far away? And you look through the lens and the whole scene is a blurry blob? So you mess with the focus; you zoom in and out. And then the camera whirls and seconds later—boom—instant clarity.
Everything snaps into place.
The picture is as clear as crystal.
That’s what it’s like for me—right now—looking at Kate. Suddenly, it’s all so obvious. So frigging clear.
I’m in love with her. Totally. Helplessly. Pathetically.
In love.
Kate owns me. Body and soul.
She’s all I think about. She’s everything I never thought I wanted. She’s not just perfect—she’s perfect for me.
I’d do anything for her.
I want her near me, with me. All the time.

It’s not just the sex. It’s not just her gorgeous body or her brilliant mind. It’s not just that she makes me think or how eager she is to challenge me. It’s more than any of that.
It’s all of it.
It’s her.
I’ve broken every goddamn rule I’ve ever set for myself to be with her. And it wasn’t just to fuck her.
It was to have her. To keep her.
How did I not see it before? How come I didn’t know?

– Drew Evan (hide spoiler)]

Akhirnya Drew ketemu sama DARK SIDE nya :p. Yang bikin dia stay dengan satu wanita, alias jatuh cinta :).Kata kata itu udah ada di mulut, sampai kebodohan dan kecemburuan yang tak beralasan menghancurkan hubungan Drew dan Kate …

Women fall in love quicker than men. Easier and more often. But when guys fall? We go down harder. And when things go bad? When it’s not us who ends it? We don’t get to walk away.
We crawl.


3. MAF = Me After Flu (Drew POV) = Angry Kate

Fase ini paling suka. Intinya si Drew ini kayak makan semua perbuatanya, ucapanya dulu. Dia kayak dibalas Tuhan.

Kate waktu ngambek serem juga. Dibujuk pake apapun gak mempan. Si Drew dah say Love you, dan susah susah nyewa band agar nyanyi buat Kate (PS: Kate ini bisa main gitar dan ex fiancenya juga sering nyanyi buat Kate. Si Drew yang gak berbakat ambil jalan gampangnya, nyewa band !! ) , ngasih bunga, sok akrab akaraban, ditolak sama Kate :p. RASAIN!! .

“Because…I’m in love with you. I’ve been in love with you for a long time. I didn’t know it until that Sunday night. And then when Billy showed up here…I thought you took him back. And it fucking crushed me.

“Try harder. You did it once. I’m sure you can manage it again.” You Rock Kate !!!

Putus asa si Drew minta saran skertarinya, Erin. Eh si Erin malah ngasih
film,yang selalu dihina Drew sebagai Gay Movie -Gone with the Wind, Say Anything, Beauty and the Beast, Casablanca, Titanic, and…The Notebook.- untuk dilihat dan dijadikan refrensi buat menaklukan hati wanita. Ngakak to the max

Sampai akhirnya si Drew ini nulis note, lucu banget salah satungaya :

If I throw myself in front of a bus,
will you come visit me at the hospital?
PS – Try not to feel too guilty if I don’t survive. Really.

Usahanya ngebet banget. Hahhaha, playboy kalo udah knock out lucu banget ya jadinya :p .

Yang paling sangar itu saat si Drew liat Beauty and The Beast dan dia HORNY pemirsa!! Lol. Dia Horny …. Desperately Horny … Good God!!


(view spoiler)[ I BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW THIS, but lots of guys have a thing for Ariel. You know, from The Little Mermaid? I’ve never been into her myself, but I can understand the attraction: she fills out her shells nicely, she’s a redhead, and she spends most of the movie unable to speak.
In light of this, I’m not too disturbed about the semi I’m sporting while watching Beauty and the Beast—part of the homework Erin gave me. I like Belle. She’s hot. Well…for a cartoon, anyway. She reminds me of Kate. She’s resourceful. Smart. And she doesn’t take any shit from the Beast or that douchebag with the freakishly large arms.
I stare at the television as Belle bends over to feed a bird. Then I lean forward, hoping for a nice cleavage shot…
I’m going to hell, aren’t I?
I can’t help it. I’m desperate. Frustrated.
(hide spoiler)]


Dia Telepon Kate, dan lucu banget percakapanya

(view spoiler)[
Maybe I can have the next best thing. I pause the movie. Then I pick up the phone and dial.
“Hello?” Her voice is sleepy. Husky.
“Hi, Kate.”
“Drew? How…how did you get my home number?”
“I looked in your personnel file.”
Yes, those things are supposed to be confidential, but I called in a favor. I play to win. Never said I play fair.
I lie back on the couch while images of Kate in bed dance in my head.
“So…what are you wearing?”
That went well.
I dial again.
“You were thinking about me before I called, weren’t you?”
I smile. And dial again.
“Just in case you’re wondering, I still have them.”
“You still have what?”
“Your underwear. The black lace ones. They’re in my drawer. Sometimes I sleep with them under my pillow.”
Sick? Possibly.
“You keep trophies from all your victims? How very serial killer-ish of you.”
“No, not from all of them. Just you.”
“Am I supposed to be flattered? Nauseated is more like it.”
“I was hoping we could add another one to the collection.”
Now this is just getting ridiculous.
I dial again.
“What. Do. You. Want?”
And me.
Stranded on a luxurious deserted island for about a week.
.“Sweet dreams, Kate. You know, the ones with you and me in them. Naked.”


(hide spoiler)]

Sampai Drew ini minta bantuan Sister Beatrice (Pengakuan Dosa ??) untuk ngomong ke Kate kalo si Drew ini bener bener tulus madly in love denganya. Tapi semuanya tetep aja gak mempan. Untung ada niecenya Drew,
Mackenzie dan Alexandra, kakk Drew, yang berhasil mendinginkan kepala Kate :). Dimulailah kejutan satu per satu, usaha Drew menyatakan cintanya. Salah satunya …


Apa itu?? Baca sendiri ??

Dan itu bukan apa apa, kejutan terakhir yang melibatkan = The NoteBook + Private Roome Drew + Hal yang paling diolok olok Drew abis abisan yang bikin Kate menyerah 🙂 …

Assume nothing. Even if you think you know everything. Even if you’re sure that you’re right. Get confirmation. That whole “ass” cliché about assuming? It’s right on the money. And if you’re not careful, it could end up costing you the best thing that’s ever going to happen to you.
And another thing—don’t get too comfortable. Take chances. Don’t be afraid to lay it on the line. Even if you’re happy. Even if you think life is freaking perfect.
Because I had a life once. A life I loved. It was consistent. Fun.
It was reliable. Safe.

But that’s okay. Because as long as Kate Brooks is tangled up in that web with me?

Well, I can’t imagine anything fucking better than that.

Karena ini Drew POV jadi kita serasa menaiki otak lelaki. Kita belajar dari mereka, tahu dirt mind mereka, lol. Gak bisa dikutip satu satu ini pemikiran ‘ajib’ si cowok super pede ini. Yang pasti selalu menghibur …

RECOMMENDED banget! Super HOT, Witty, suka bangt !!

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